Sunday, September 17, 2006


The Revolutionary War brought on many changes to America, and ultimately resulted in the freedom of people in America, and the nation itslelf. This discusses the short-term effects that Americans have seen so far since the war against Great Britain. This nation has been affected greatly, socially, economically, and politically. This country is what is today because of the Revolutionary war that has reccently occurred in the last century.

Economic Effects

America's economical standing after the Revolutionary war was not very good. Everything that happened caused something even worse to happen, having a domino affect.

When the war finally came to an end, the congress was having trouble paying debts, soldiers, etc. The war placed them in a bad positon with money. Congress even resorted to selling bonds to other countries, such as France. They began to print paper money, called continantals. Continentals became to common, costs sunk, and inflation occurred. The paper money is now worthless. The prices of sugar and beef rose as much as two times the cost in some states of America.

Business became dependant on on the English, spanish, french, and portuguese coin, just as before. Trade had come to a standstill in the colonies, and farm produce brought the lowest prices. It seems that the Articles of Confederation just couldn't develope much stability in monetary structures.

Many states formed rather large debts during the war, and their already large debts only increased more and more as time progressed. With this, public order became increasingly strained until Shay's rebellion occurred, which convinced many people that a stronger federal government was needed.

Economically, the revolution was not beneficial in many ways. The newly-founded nation of America will get through it all and hopefully come out ahead.

Political Effects

Politically, the war had several major effects on America, affecting and changing the colonists and their lives greatly.

Women gained little rights and more respect because of the Revolutionary War. A woman can now choose to divorce her husband, though there are some drawbacks. In the process, women lose most of their land to their husband. Though this is a very small step, this is only the beginning of women protesting more and more freedoms.

America now has independence! America may not be extremely well in the sense of economics after the Revolutionary War, but we have independence. No longer must people of America go through Great Britain for their trade purposes, and mercantilism has ended. Americans aren't required to pay absurd taxes on items such as stamps and tes because of Britain anymore, and aren't forced to import all of our necessities from England. No more dealing with things such as the stamp act, or the sugar act.

One of the largest ideals that is a result of the war is the idea of a central government.
Americans don't need to rely on the King of England any more, but there was a new, upstanding leader of the country, George Washington. Unanimously voted into office, he took the oath of office on April 30, 1779.He proved to be the type of president needed to help America in accomplishing whatever it was that needed to be done.

Politically, the War has been nothing but positive for the country of America, giving the people more control over this nation. This can only help us in the future, holding promising things for America in the future.

Social Effects

One very monumental change in society was the idea of egalitarianism. This is the belief that all people are equal, with the exception of thse savage Indians and lowly african slaves. During the war, no person looked upon you and judged you on your financial background. Having a strong work ethic in this almost newly-born society has recently becom a more popular trend. If two men are standing next to each other in combat, your social background meant nothing. All that matters in those situations is to put everything that you have in you into the war.

Because of our victory in this war, there have recently been more colonists coming to the Americas. This has forced many Indians to abandon their well-developed land, making way for the soon-to-be Americans. They say that their lands are being destroyed by the colonists, but we all know that this is for the betterment of our country.

Overall, the Revolutionary War was only helpful when looking at the social effects of the war. People are thought of as more equal, and more and more colonists are coming to this country.